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Who Do You Play For?

Coach Herb Brook: “Who Do You Play For?”
Head Coach 1980 USA Olympic Golf Medal Hockey Team

Mary Alice Quayle: “I Play For My Grandfather Peter Oliver Clauss”
Founder of Give Blood Play Hockey

The movie Miracle took to theaters in 2004 and captured the hearts of the American public. The movie took the audience through a rendition of the miracle on ice, when the United States Olympic Hockey Team beat the unimaginable power Russian team in the 1980 Olympics. Through out the movie Coach Herb Brooks asked his American hockey players, “Who do you play for”, leading to the climatic moment when the team realized they the no longer were representing just their home team but something bigger, they represented the United States of America.

This year, for Give Blood Play Hockey 2012, we ask you “Who Do You Play For?” Although the quick answer may be that you play for your club team, or high school, or with a bunch of old friends we want you to play for more than that. In one-way or another cancer has affected everyone. In the United States there are 1,638,910 estimated new cases of cancer in 2012. At Give Blood Play Hockey 2012, we want to know “Who You Play For?” whether it is an aunt, a grandfather, a neighbor, and or a friend we want you to play for them. We would love to hear your stories, your tributes, and have your cancer fighter or the memory of a loved one shine at this year’s event.

My name is Mary Quayle and I Give Blood and I Play Hockey. I play for my grandfather Peter Clauss, Our hero Casey Strale, and for all those who can’t.

For The Kids.
For The Fight.
For an End to Cancer.
Give Blood Play Hockey,

Mary Quayle