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October 18-21, 2018

The Rinks Irvine Inline – Irvine, CA


Download info here:

October 18-21, 2018

The Rinks Irvine Inline – Irvine, CA

Here’s the 411 on Registering Your Team…

All Team Registrants Must Complete and Submit:

TEAM REGISTRATION INFORMATION, page 1 and 2.   Complete these two forms and payment for registering your team.

Submit completed forms to the contacts listed below by Sunday, October 7, 2018.

OFFICIAL ROSTER : Complete this form and submit when checking in your team at the event

All Players Must Complete and Submit:

  • RINKS WAIVER FORM Complete this form(s) and submit when checking in your team at the event. Waivers are online at If you already play at one of The Rinks facilities and you already have a waiver on file and do not need to complete this.

Playing Format and Team Conflict Request:

  • We expect to have 116 teams playing again this year so we will be playing a 4-day tournament to avoid having teams playing so late on Sunday night. Only local teams will play on Thursday night beginning at 5 PM with last games at 11 PM. Games on Friday night also begin at 5 PM. This should allow us to have the last Sunday games at 7 PM.
  • The registration form has a place to list any playing conflicts your team will have during the weekend, i.e.: work schedules, ice games, homecoming, SAT/ACT testing, team players coming from out of town, players playing on multiple teams, etc. We need to know your conflicts in advance of scheduling if you want us to work around those conflicts.
  • Registration is $550 per team.
  • Sign up 2 Blood Donors and receive a $25 discount on your team fee!!
  • Registration deadline is October 7, 2018.
  • The schedule will post on the GBPH website and on The Rinks Irvine Inline website on October 11, 2018. If there are any mistakes in the schedule. i.e.: teams not having 3 games scheduled, teams with players on multiple teams having games that overlap, previously noted conflicts not honored, etc., the team manager will have until noon on October 12, 2017 to contact Shayne Arsenault at Please do not email because you don’t like your playing times. We have to work around many schedules and do the best we can to accommodate everyone’s needs. We need all teams to be ready to play on whichever day is posted on the schedule.
  • Final schedule will post by midnight on October 13, 2018 on the GBPH website as well as The Rinks Irvine Inline website and will be emailed to all team managers.


Teams registration fee is $550.  All registrations must be complete and paid in full by October 7th. Sign up two blood donors and save $25 on your fees.  Register and Pay fee on line at

Or Submit Your Completed Registration Packet To:  

The Rinks Irvine Inline

Attn: Greg Martin

3150 Barranca Parkway

Irvine, CA 92606


If you, your team, or your Company, would like to make a donation to this event, please also include the Sponsor Form found on the GBPH website with your packet – No Donation is Too Big or Too Small to Help!

Team Sponsorships and General Donations:

  • We have a $1000 Sponsor A Team opportunity for teams who bring in a $1000 Sponsor at the time of registration. The sponsor will get a tax receipt and the team’s registration fees will be paid by that Sponsorship.
  • There is a Direct Pay Link on the GBPH website where team family members, friends, neighbors, business associates, etc. can go to make a General Donation to CHOC in your team’s name. We encourage all teams to get as many donations as possible to help us raise money for this great cause. Anyone interested in making a donation can go to the GBPH website. Payment can be made by credit card and the donor will be able to print a tax receipt for their donation at time of payment. All donations will be tracked by team.

Scholarship Opportunities:  This year we are very excited to offer two scholarship opportunities for individual students.  Please visit the GBPH website for more information on how to apply for:

  • Bleed By Example Scholarship $500
  • Who Do You Play For Scholarship $500




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